Washington, D.C. is filled with celebrations of history, art, and science. Whether you’re looking to peruse some classic paintings or test out your spy skills, there is something for everyone at these five can’t-miss museums. 

International Spy Museum

Featuring the largest collection of international espionage artifacts available for public display, the International Spy Museum is a fascinating, interactive non-profit museum dedicated to exploring the historical and contemporary role of espionage. Among the permanent exhibitions are exciting activities where guests can go on an undercover mission, try code-cracking, receive an official mission debriefing, and much more.

National Air & Space Museum

An imposing, elaborately-built museum with a myriad of space stations, aircraft, and missiles housed inside, the National Air & Space Museum remains one of the most-visited museums in our nation’s capital. Here, you can touch a real lunar sample retrieved on the 1972 Apollo 17 mission, take a look at the historic 1903 Wright Flyer, and check out the Hubble Space Telescope test model.

United States Holocaust Museum

As the country’s official memorial to the Holocaust, the United States Holocaust Museum is meant to inspire citizens across the globe to learn from our past and promote human dignity. The museum is dedicated to strengthening our core values and confronting hatred, as well as providing a place to study and interpret the events that led to the Holocaust and its subsequent history. Permanent exhibitions include a narrative history of the Holocaust, a showcase of first-hand witness accounts, several national monuments, and more.  

National Museum of Natural History

Not only is the National Museum of Natural History one of the most-visited museums in Washington D.C., but it is considered one of the popular natural history museums in the world. Since its opening in 1910, the Natural History Museum has remained an integral part of the capital’s history and fabric. Today, the museum’s collection comprises more than 145 million specimens of animals, plants, fossils, cultural artifacts, and beyond. 

National Gallery of Art

Housing over 150,000 paintings, decorative arts, photographs, sculptures, and drawings spanning the history of Western Art, the National Gallery of Art showcases the pinnacle of human creativity. The museum is also a fantastic place to begin your art history education, as the facility regularly offers public programs free of charge. Attached to the museum is the breathtaking Sculpture Garden, which exhibits several pieces from the museum’s contemporary sculpture collection.

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