Studying art is a fantastic way to better understand the human experience. It can bring people from all walks of life together, invoke empathy, and impart wisdom. Art galleries are both an educational setting and a social backdrop, sparking conversation and building networks. Here are a few galleries in DC and down the east coast that our team enjoys perusing. 

Art in DC

Long View Gallery

Long View Gallery is a stunning art and event space that, since its opening in 2006, has quickly become the largest contemporary art gallery in DC. With a keen eye for unique artists, Long View Gallery curates a varied selection of mid-career and established artists that are perfect for browsing during the afternoon as well as private evening events.

Hemphill Fine Arts

Located in Logan Circle, Hemphill Fine Arts is a commercial art gallery that has been a staple for art in DC since its opening in 1993. This gallery features contemporary artwork from artists of all experience levels, from emerging to established. Because Hemphill Fine Arts features a diverse selection of artists, each with their own style and flair, their collection is largely appealing to many audiences. 

Touchstone Gallery

Touchstone Gallery has sought to enrich the lives of residents through art since 1976. This member-owned-and-managed gallery gives a voice to the people, fosters a love and appreciation for art through exposure, and promotes local artists. With a wide array of featured artists who specialize in different styles of art, Touchstone Gallery is broadly engaging. 

Honfleur Gallery

In Anacostia, Honfleur Gallery is a recent addition as of 2007. This art space routinely exhibits experimental, multimedia artworks as well as more traditional pieces. Whether you’re attending a themed show, browsing a solo exhibition, or exploring a collaboration between artists, this gallery routinely surprises guests with its penchant for the original and enchanting. Funded in part by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Honfleur Gallery is pleased to be a beacon of art in Anacostia. 

Art Elsewhere

Location Gallery

In Savannah, Georgia, the Austin Hill Realty office doubles as a gathering space for immaculate local artists. In both group and solo shows, Location Gallery bolsters the Savannah art scene by providing a location for artists to gather, discuss, and collaborate. Additionally, all proceeds from events at Location Gallery are redirected to local nonprofit organizations to bolster the community. 

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*Header Image Credit: Foundry Architects