Washington, DC is steeped in history. The L'Enfant Trust is instrumental in preserving the area's most treasured homes and revitalizing the communities in which they reside.

Founded in 1978, The L'Enfant Trust started with a singular mission: to protect historic buildings within Washington, D.C primarily through facade easements. Through its Conservation Easement Program, the Trust has directly aided in the preservation and modification of almost 1,150 DC properties. The nationally recognized program was awarded locally with the city's 2009 Vision Award and the 2015 District of Columbia Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation.

After 40-plus years of preserving facades of the city's most treasured architectural homes and buildings, the Trust has started a new endeavour, a Historic Properties Redevelopment Program. This program is more commonly known as a revolving fund, and its primary goal is to breathe new life into long-forgotten homes and the neighborhoods in which they are located. These types of programs are critical to saving American architectural gems while also providing affordable housing for members of the local community.

At its heart, the Historic Properties Redevelopment Program is a non-profit real estate developer, which serves two purposes in bringing life back to architecturally significant yet neglected homesites. First, it supplies the financial backing and technical knowhow to support a home's rehabilitation.

In many cases, the homes targeted for renovation by the program haven't merely experienced a few years of neglect—rather, they've been all but forgotten and left to decay over decades. Given the distressed state of the houses, it’s economically impossible for individual owners or for-profit developers to commit the resources necessary for the restoration. 

The L'Enfant Trust's second purpose is perhaps its most noble. As properties are restored, they are then marketed and sold to moderate-income families. This includes those workers—teachers, health care professionals, government employees—who faithfully serve the D.C. community but find themselves priced out of many of the city's more upscale neighborhoods.

As a result, not only does the Trust endeavor to protect and restore D.C.'s historical identity, but it also stabilizes communities and provides much-needed affordable housing to families and individuals who require it most.

The program also works in association with MANNA, Inc., which sets new homeowners up for success with financial literacy resources and programs in areas such as credit counseling, budgeting, goal setting, and more. 

With a background deeply rooted in both preservation and restoration, the team at Austin Hill Partners is a proud sponsor of The L'Enfant Trust. To reinforce this commitment, Austin Hill Partners commits ten percent of their annual commissions to help the Trust fulfill its mission.

The team from AHP recently had the pleasure of visiting several of the redevelopment properties with The L’Enfant Trust’s President and CEO.

If you would like to donate to The L'Enfant Trust, you may do so by making a one-time or recurring gift via their website.

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