If you’re planning a move to Washington, DC, you may be surprised by the sheer variety of housing options available. DC offers a little bit of everything when it comes to architecture. Find out which style suits you best.


Inspired by the early American settlers, Colonial-style homes are found all over the DC suburbs of Alexandria and Bethesda. These refined houses are known for their symmetry, decorative shutters, and economical use of space. 


If you enjoy grandeur and elegance, you may appreciate the classic turrets and brick facades adorning Victorian homes. These are most common in places like Georgetown and Columbia Heights. They’re ornamental, with sweeping views from their artful bay windows and peaked roofs.


Straight lines and a simple build defines Federal architecture. These homes tend to have a boxy appearance and lean toward modesty, meaning you won’t find many frills or add-ons. This style is inspired by Roman and Greek architecture and is prevalent in Capitol Hill.  


If you’ve ever wanted to live in a European-looking house, then a Tudor Revival may be perfect for you. They look a little like they’ve popped out of a fairytale book, with a medieval flair and decorative appearance. Expect lots of exposed wood and maybe a pointed roof. 


As the name suggests, this style is very popular with French architects. These jazzy, 1920s-inspired homes look like they came straight from the Gilded Age. Beaux-Arts homes are characterized by carved wood, intricate ironwork, marble, and an overall embellished appearance. 


Craftsman architecture stems from an offshoot of Britain’s Arts and Crafts movement, which came about in the late 20th century. These homes were the start of our general move away from Victorian ornamentation toward a simpler style. Craftsman-style homes generally have gabled roofs, wide front porches, mixed materials used throughout, shingles, and exposed rafters.


Throughout the DC Metro Area, you’ll find numerous bungalow-style homes, many of which look very similar to the Craftsman style—sometimes the two are conflated. Bungalows are defined by their charming, cottage-like appearance and one-story (or one-and-a-half-story) structure. They usually have a porch and a wide veranda.  

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